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LPTC's IPC business starts with a simple premise. Provide high performance machines at reasonable prices, backed by high quality service. With our new lineup we believe we have achieved that.
Our machines start with top rated CPU’s like Intel Core i, embedded in tight motherboard designs. We then add high end storage, memory and wireless modules. Compact and functional chassis, with an array of I/O ports (all lockable) complete the package. The result is a full system solution, ready to work for you.
But if you do have a need for further performance enhancements, we have that covered too. Powerful graphics cards, faster (up to 10 GB) ethernet, plus higher capacity memory and storage modules, are available for specific systems. A selection of enhanced temperature systems is part of the lineup. Special customization is also available.
Our many years of experience in industrial electronics and a first tier network of component suppliers and manufacturing, ensure that the product delivered to you will meet, and exceed, your standards.
What’s next? New models. New features. Designed by us, but inspired by you, our customers.

產品配送方式:郵寄, 宅配
交易/付款方式:ATM轉帳, 電匯
主要服務地區:港澳, 大陸, 東南亞, 日韓, 北美, 中南美, 歐洲, 紐澳, 全國地區